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Investor relations

Share Information

WWL ASA's share is listed on the Oslo Stock exchange (ticker: WWL). Share information is provided on an automatic feed from the Oslo Stock Exchange, subject to a 15-minute delay when the exchange is open for trading.
Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA intends to provide shareholders with a competitive return over time through a combination of rising value for the WWL ASA- share and payment of dividend semi-annually to the shareholders.

Equity analysts


ABG Sundal Collier

Lukas Daul

+47 22 01 61 39

Arctic Securities

Andreas Wikborg



Ola Ekern Rugsveen



Danske Markets

Bjørn Kristian Røed

+47 85 40 70 72


DNB Markets

Nicolay Dyvik

+47 24 16 91 88

Fearnley Securities

Peder Nicolai Jarlsby

+4722 93 64 71


Erik Folkeson

+47 23 23 82 57

Nordea Markets

 Axel Styrman


+47 22 48 79 46 



Eirik Håvaldsen

 +47 24 13 21 20


Øystein Dalby

+ 47 24 13 21 20


RS Platou Frode Mørkedal

+ 47 22 01 63 27

SEB Enskilda

Ole Stenhagen

+ 47 21 00 85 27

ABN Amro

 Wilhelm Flinder

+ 47 21 08 13 29



Credit analysts

FirmAnalyst Phone
Danske Bank Markets Bjørn Kristian Røed

+47 85 40 70 72

Fearnley Torbjørn S. Håland

+47 22 93 64 80


Martin Børter

+47 22 01 78 34


Øyvind Hagen

+ 47 22 01 60 44

ABG Sundal Collier

Erik Borthen

+ 47 22 01 60 27


Financial Calendar

For a period of two weeks before the planned release of quarterly financial reports – the silent period – the company will not comment on matters related to its general financial results or expectations, and contact with external analysts, investors and journalists will be minimized.

Planned dates for Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA financial events  in 2017 are as follows:

EGM 25 January
Q4 2016 release of results 09 February
Q4 2016 presentation of results 10 February
Q1 2017 release of results 9 May
Q1 2017 presentation of results 10 May
Q2 2017 release of results 08 August
Q2 2017 presentation of results 09 August
Q3 2017 release of results 07 November
Q3 2017 presentation of results 08 November

 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA reserves the right to revise the dates.

Financial news & Press releases

General Meetings

The annual general meeting for WWL ASA will normally be held in the middle of the second quarter.

Shareholders with known addresses receives a call to the meeting. Information on the meeting and other relevant documentation will be published on these pages at least 21 days prior to the meeting.

Bond Overview

Last updated 06.04.2017.

The ticker is a direct link to Oslo Stock Exchange. By clicking the name you will get the agreement for that specific loan.

 Ticker Name Currency Max. Nom (Mio)Net Outstanding (Mio) Coupon (Curr. Rate) Final Maturity 
 WWI22 FRN 13/18  NOK 1,000   700 FRN Nibor 3M
 WWI23 FRN 14/19 NOK   800 800  FRN Nibor 3M
WWI09  FRN 05/20 NOK   1,000 78.5  FRN Nibor 3M
 WWI19PRO FRN 07/22 NOK   1,000 108.5  FRN Nibor 3M

Investor Relations Policy

As a public listed company on the Oslo Stock Exchange, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Logistics ASA (WWL ASA) endeavours to have an open and active dialogue with investors, analysts and other financial stakeholders.

The company shall provide the public with accurate, consistent and timely information in accordance with legal requirements and high corporate governance standards. The purpose is to secure pricing of WWL ASA’s stocks in accordance with underlying value and future prospects of the company. The above shall be executed with due regard to information that may be sensitive towards competition, customers and partners.

Information channels

The main source of information for IR stakeholders about the WW ASA group is the IR section of the WWL ASA corporate website.

WWL ASA publishes both current information and archives of previously released information on the website in order to make this available to the financial market.

Oslo Stock Exchange notification system

When WWL ASA publicly discloses information by publishing a stock exchange announcement through the Oslo Stock Exchange’s company message system, the same information will be published immediately afterwards on WWL ASA's IR website.

Presentation of quarterly and annual results

WWL ASA will present its results to the market by inviting IR stakeholders to attend quarterly presentations.

Conference calls and webcasts

WWL ASA may hold conference calls or webcasts which can be viewed from the IR website at the same time as the event, along with accompanying presentations.

Capital market days and other events arranged by WW ASA

WWL ASA will arrange capital market days and similar events on a regular basis. IR stakeholders will be invited to attend such events. Information about planned events will be published on the IR website.

Meetings with IR stakeholders and roadshow activities

WWL ASA representatives will meet investors and analysts regularly both in large and small groups and on an individual basis.

Silent period

For a period of two weeks before the planned release of quarterly financial reports – the silent period – the company will not comment on matters related to its general financial results or expectations, and contact with external analysts, investors and journalists will be minimised. This is done to reduce the risk of information leaks and of providing potentially unequal information to the market.


Our company history goes back centuries, and we plan to continue to contribute to the global logistics industry for centuries to come. We have a responsibility towards our customers, towards the communities in which we live, and towards one another in the company.

We believe the best way to reduce environmental risks and cost is to be an environmental frontrunner. Our goal is to continuously improve our operations and seek to achieve minimum emissions.


Sustainability report 2014

Sustainability report 2013

Sustainability report 2012

Sustainability report 2011