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Inland transportation

Whether your products are headed for domestic or international distribution, we can provide you with the fastest, most cost-efficient way to move your products inland to the point of sale, be it from the factory or a port, by rail or by road.

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How we can support you

Through our global network of experienced personnel, local inland distribution entities and dedicated suppliers, we ensure experienced and reliable inland transportation that includes:

  • Consultation, network modelling and procurement
  • Knowledge of unique local requirements and legislations
  • Streamline freight audit processes
  • Carbon emission reporting across your supply chain
  • Tracking, visibility and event management
  • Specialty rigging and load consolidation
  • Network optimisation tool to identify optimal routes and modes of transport.

Our global inland transportation network

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Experience, flexibility and reliability

Our inland transportation networks across the globe combine our own assets along with those of our trusted suppliers and partners to offer you a consistent service between ports, plants, dealers and other destinations. We can procure services and manage your network to ensure your products are handled in the smoothest and cost-effective way as possible.

In 2019, we moved 250,000 units across our 11 inland transportation networks.

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Take advantage of our additional logistics services

Improve your speed to market further by integrating inland distribution with supply chain management, equipment processing, vehicle processing and ocean transportation.

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