Terminal Services

We operate terminals at some of the largest RoRo ports in the world. Our goal is to offer facilities that provide flexibility in terms of cargo processing, handling and storing, combined with strong inland connections via rail, road and short-sea.

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Choosing the right terminal is critical part of your supply chain, as it connects ocean and inland transportation. We aim to bridge the gap between land and sea by making our terminals a safe and easy place to handle, store and distribute cargo. Our terminals can serve as your cargo's staging ground for ocean and inland transport.

How we can support you

  • Outdoor and indoor storage
  • Fumigation and heat treatment
  • Stevedoring
  • Crane lifts
  • Documentation preparation
  • Cargo receipt and dispatch services
  • Cargo surveying
  • Cargo packaging and consolidating

Our global network of terminals

In this interactive map you can see where our terminals are located around the world.

Keeping track of your cargo

Visibility into the movement of your cargo is crucial and we offer a tool that gives you a personalised view of where your cargo is within the portal via any smart device. With this information available from the palm of your hand, you can react faster and make quicker decisions.

Improving your supply chain's efficiency

By simplifying administration and handling costs, we help customers save time, energy and money. We also focus on your changing needs and continually provide creative new services to add flexibility, reliability and efficiency to your business.

For cargo that requires processing or technical services, some of our terminals have dockside vehicle and equipment processing facilities, which can help fine-tune as well as optimise the movement of cargo to its final destination.

Mirrat terminal

Take advantage of our additional logistics services

Further optimise your supply chain with our ocean transportation and inland transportation, vehicle and equipment processing, and supply chain management.

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