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We welcome all interest in our business, and will do our utmost to answer media queries and find the best spokespersons. Here you can subscribe to news and download photos.

For media inquiries, please contact:


Anette Koefoed

Chief Communications and & Marketing Officer

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David Hopkins

External Communications Manager

Jinchoi cropped

Jin Choi

Regional press contact Asia-Pacific

Jordan Spritzer 8921 WEB

Jordan Spritzer

Regional press contact Americas

Feel free to use the below photos from our image bank. Please credit the company.

Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO

Lasse Kristoffersen, President & CEO


Lasse Kristoffersen, President & CEO


Lasse Kristoffersen, President & CEO

Wenche Agerup

Wenche Agerup, Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer

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Torbjørn Wist, CFO

Pia Synnerman

Pia Synnerman, CCO


Xavier Leroi, COO Shipping Services

Michael Hynekamp

Michael Hynekamp, COO Logistics Services

Anette Maltun Koefoed

Anette Maltun Koefoed, CCMO

Gro Rognstad

Gro Rognstad, Acting CTIO

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Orcelle Wind

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MV Tannhauser

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