Our vessels

We pioneered the designs that have led to today's state-of-the-art roll-on roll-off (RoRo) vessels. Using the latest technology and innovative features, our fleet is designed to provide flexibility, increase capacity, reduce emissions and increase energy efficiency.

Parsifal in Baltimore

A versatile fleet to serve multiple industries

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean operates an extensive fleet of about 128 RoRo vessels, capable of carrying a mix of products, from auto, construction, mining and agriculture machinery to various breakbulk products.

Tailoring our vessels to the industries that we serve has resulted in a fleet of flexible vessels, where hoistable (movable) decks allow us to adjust capacity configuration to the customer needs in any given situation.

Take a tour of one of our RoRo vessels

In this tour, you will get a full picture of the vessel, from the engine room to the bridge. Get a unique look into the crew living areas and our latest digital tools.

Our vessel types

The fleet incorporates 5 classes of RoRo vessels, with each class differing in terms of dimensions, capacity, deck configuration and cargo carrying capabilities.

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MV Thermopylae

Our High Efficiency RoRo (HERO) vessels are our new and advanced post-Panamax vessels, combining elements from all our vessel types. With 200 meter length, capacity of a LCTC and capability similar to a Mark IV, all in a highly efficient design.


Our Large Car and Truck Carrier (LCTC) vessels are larger than a PCTC. With a length of over 200 meter these vessels also have higher ramp and deck capacity, expanding the range of cargo that can be lifted.


Our Pure Car and Truck Carrier (PCTC) vessels are up to 200 meter in length and have a capacity of up to 6600 car equivalent units. These vessels form the backbone of the Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean fleet, providing flexible and high efficient operations.


Our Mark IV and Mark V vessels are designed specifically for the carriage of heavy equipment and breakbulk cargo whilst retaining significant car capacity. These vessels have a ramp capacity up to 500 tons, and can accommodate products up to 7.1 meter height and 12 meter width.

Fleet list operated by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean

Vessel nameVessel classYear builtFlagIMO numberDead Wt. (MT)Cap. Cars (RT43)Hoistable Decks

Max RoRo Ht (m)

Max RoRo W (m)

Max RoRo Ramp Wt Cap. (t)


937749430 1357 62056.509.50320
Asian EmperorPCTC1999KR917663221 4796 24646.507.00150
Asian VisionPCTC1997KR912296621 5056 24645.007.00150
BessPCTC2010PA953171518 0096 28445.208.00150
BohemeLCTC1999SG917656528 6367 19435.007.00125
CarmenLCTC2011SE950502730 1337 93456.509.50320
Don JuanPCTC1995SG908293422 5145 84635.007.00105
ElektraLCTC1999SG917657728 3457 19435.007.00125
FidelioLCTC2007SE933293730 1377 50056.509.50240
FigaroLCTC2011SE950504130 8957 93456.509.50320
Glorious LeaderPCTC2007BS935729821 2106 40045.007.00150
LibertyPCTC2006US931010919 6286 35445.207.00


ManonLCTC1999SE917972528 1267 19435.007.00125
MignonLCTC1999SE918925128 1267 19435.007.00125
NabuccoHERO2021SE973165223 9597 65656.5012.00320
OberonLCTC2008SE937750930 1357 6205


ParsifalMK V2011SG951539541 8206 00437.1012.00505
PorgyPCTC2009PA940933818 0096 28445.008.00150
SalomeMK V2012SG951541243 8786 00437.1012.00505
TaipanPCTC2006BS931186620 5006 50045.007.00150
TaliaPCTC2006BS931184520 5006 50045.007.00150
TalismanMK IV2000NO919131939 4235 49646.4012.00380
TamerlaneMK IV2001NO921864839 4015 49646.4012.00380
TamesisMK IV2000NO9191307

39 517

5 49646.4012.00380
TaragoMK IV2000NO919132139 4045 49646.4012.00380
TannhauserHERO2020SE973164023 8927 65656.5012.00320
ThalattaHERO2015MT970245524 2408 00056.5012.00320
ThebenHERO2016SG972230224 2408 00056.5012.00320
ThemisHERO2016SG972231424 2408 00056.5012.00320


2015MT970244324 2408 00056.5012.00320
TigerLCTC2011MT950503931 1437 93456.509.50320
TijucaLCTC2008NO937751130 0897 62056.509.50320
TirrannaLCTC2009NO937752330 0897 62056.509.50320


2011MT950505331 1087 93456.509.50320
TitusHERO2018MT970051223 8927 656


ToledoPCTC2005MT929362419 6286 35445.207.00237
TomarPCTC2008MT937526422 1446 3544


TombarraPCTC2006MT931975319 6286 35445.207.00237
TongalaPCTC2012MT960578622 5856 45945.207.00303


2011MT951538341 5546 00437.1012.00505
ToreadorPCTC2008MT937528822 1446 35445.207.00303
TorinoPCTC2009MT939832122 1606 35445.207.00303
TorontoPCTC2005MT930220519 6286 35445.207.00


TorrensPCTC2004MT929361219 6286 35445.207.00237
TortugasPCTC2006MT931976519 6286 35445.207.00237
ToscaPCTC2013SG960579822 5856 45945.207.00303
ToscanaPCTC2009MT939832122 1446 35445.207.00303
TraviataHERO2019MT970052423 8927 65656.5012.00320
TugelaLCTC2011MT950506524 4407 93456.5012.00320


950508924 4407 93456.5012.00320
TurandotPCTC1995SE907045022 8155 8463




2012MT951540043 8786 00437.1012.00505


LCTC2003SE924016028 1267 19435.007.00125

Digitalising the fleet

The fleet is currently being connected to an onshore, cloud based digital platform enabling us to utilise big data analytics and machine learning to pinpoint improvement areas for energy efficiency, reduce emissions and help protect the environment. This is an important step in digitalising the fleet for better decision support in fleet operation and meeting customer expectations.

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