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We have the experience and assets to get your products from the factory all the way to the dealership.

Global Light Vehicle sales are expected to grow as more people globally are moving up in the middle class and can afford and need mobility. Despite different ownership models, including vehicle sharing, people tend to consume mobility in a larger degree, however it is expected that propulsion will move in direction of electrification as cost of batteries are declining during the next decade.

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Given the pace of change in the automotive industry, the supply chain faces the paradox of pressure on costs at the same time as increasing demands for flexibility and performance. Inventories must be kept low, production stable and deliveries visible and on time for end customers.

With our long-standing history in the automotive shipping and logistics business, we are dedicated to finding the most effective solutions for delivering your products. We know where the hidden costs and inefficiencies can be found and how to improve time to market.

Do you need inland logistics services?

We can store, repair, accessorise, inspect and maintain your vehicles at one of our port processing centres or at your factory, as well as handle inland distribution. Our processing and technical services ensure a consistent flow of vehicles to your dealers by avoiding disruptions along the supply chain.

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Do you need ocean transportation services?

Our global network reach, local knowledge, expertise in ports worldwide, and high frequency liner services, provides you with safe and smart ocean transportation at the lowest total transport cost.

We transport all types of vehicles by loading and discharging via a stern ramp onto the vessel. This is a secure and efficient process that ensures safe handling regardless of weather conditions.

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Global trade network

Our trade maps provide a great overview of WW Ocean's global liner services. The detailed maps specify ports of load and ports of discharge, transit time and frequency as well as other practical info.

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