In a joint effort with our partners, we’re on a journey to zero emissions

On February 10th, Mercedes-Benz and Wallenius Wilhelmsen signed a letter of intent (LOI) initiating the “Orcelle Wind” project. “To succeed in zero emissions, we need partnerships. I am glad that Mercedes-Benz will join us on this journey,” says CCO Pia Synnerman.

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Synnerman is clear that there is one thing Mercedes-Benz and Wallenius Wilhelmsen have in common. “We know there are challenges ahead and we know we have to take risky decisions to succeed. That is why we need partners whom we can trust, want to give and take, so that we are able to learn,” says Synnerman.

The “Orcelle Wind” is a concept vessel, and dedicated car-carrier, that uses wind as its main propulsion form, thereby significantly reducing emissions. The plan is to set sail within 2027.

The “Orcelle Wind” project is a project in which Wallenius Wilhelmsen, together with other partners, will invest in learning and development. The project has also received 9 million Euros from the EU funding, to support continued research.

“This is an incredibly complex project, with its own uncertainties but next year we’ll start live testing by installing a sail on land and on one of our existing vessels, and this is an important milestone,”
says Synnerman.

Orcelle wind

The letter of intent (LOI) was signed by Elke Pusskeiler, Vice President Supply Chain Management Mercedes-Benz, and Pia Synnerman, Chief Customer Officer at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

“Going forward we will transform the way we work as a company and how we work with customers. We will invest in technology that will help us deliver a greener product both on land and at sea. Our role in the supply chain will transform to accompany the green shift and our partners with their needs. such as electrical cars,” says Synnerman.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen has set a goal to deliver zero-emission services by the end of 2027.

We have now invested in terminals with zero emissions, such as the Orcelle terminal, and are working to reduce emissions on the existing fleet, as we search for new fuel solutions.

“We go all in – and that is what excites me with this company and why I want to be a part of this,” says Synnerman, who actually hesitated before joining Wallenius Wilhelmsen two years ago because the shipping industry is part of the problem. “Yes, I had to really think this through but when I learned that this is a company that really wants to turn this around, I had no doubt. Being part of solving this problem is very motivating” says Synnerman.