New company structure, new group executive management team

Wallenius Wilhelmsen announces a new management team and adjustments in corporate structure. “The main objective is to strengthen our existing business by focusing on the transition towards zero-emission while scaling up our digital excellence in developing and delivering services to our customers as well as maintaining safety and compliance,” says CEO Lasse Kristoffersen.


Wallenius Wilhelmsen launches a new management team and adjusts our company's corporate structure. The new organization becomes effective March 30.

“Since I came to Wallenius Wilhelmsen in June 2022, I have spent time getting to know the company, but most importantly: the people and the culture. We have also updated our strategy and based on that decided to make some adjustments to the corporate structure and management team,” says Kristoffersen.

Record results in 2022

“We delivered record results in 2022. We continue to see strong demand for our services and also expect strong results going forward. The new company structure will enable us to deliver in the short term and help us develop our ambitions in the medium to long term. We will lead the way in transforming shipping and logistics towards a decarbonized, digital and resilient future,” says Kristoffersen.

The biggest challenge: climate change

Kristoffersen is adamant that climate change is the biggest challenge of our time. He believes that climate and sustainability is fundamental to all we do going forward. All leaders at Wallenius Wilhelmsen will set clear goals related to delivering on this challenge.

To drive the transformation towards new, clean energy sources, the company has established a new task force, the Orcelle Accelerator. Its objective is to ensure that we start the transition today and can introduce zero-emission, end-to-end services, by 2027. This unit reports directly to the CEO. “We want to be a “shaper” in the fight against climate change. It could be a car, an excavator, or a battery pack, they all need to be emission free in the future. Shipping and logistics need to be zero emission,” Kristoffersen says.

Technology and digitalization

Technology and digitalization are also at the center of the new strategy. “We have today access to digital technology and data that were unthinkable just a few years ago. Our industry has only started to harvest the value creation potential, and we are ready to put this into use, both for our customers and ourselves.”

Kristoffersen is proud of how Wallenius Wilhelmsen for a long time has been a leader in shipping and logistics solutions. “Going forward, our ambition is to assist our customers in building resilient, transparent, and sustainable supply chains. Thanks to new digital technology and data, we have a complete new toolbox in doing so.” The new company structure is aligned with these priorities, including establishing a new business unit.

The new business structure: What is new?

•We establish a new business unit to develop and scale new digital supply chain solutions.
•We establish the Orcelle Accelerator to ensure a faster transition towards green fuels.
•We establish a strong, integrated marketing and communications team to tell our story – in all channels, across all markets.
•We focus our digital team on technology and data to further strengthen our digital capabilities.
•We make sustainability an integral part of our corporate governance to ensure that it drives everything we do.
•We make a dedicated compliance unit to drive and implement our ambitious compliance program.

The new management team

In establishing the new management team, Kristoffersen has aimed at balancing backgrounds, company experience, diversity and new impulses.


The new Group Executive Management will consist of:

• Chief Financial Officer, Torbjørn Wist, who is responsible for treasury, IR, finance and accounting, tax and global business performance (including M&A and enterprise risk)
• Chief People and Corporate Affairs Officer, Wenche Agerup, who is responsible for driving all efforts on people development, compliance and legal matters
• Chief Communications and & Marketing Officer, Anette M. Koefoed, who is responsible for all marketing and communication externally and internally
• Chief Technology and Information Officer, Gro Rognstad (acting), who is responsible for building and operating world class digital infrastructure, applications and acceleration
• Chief Customer Officer, Pia Synnerman, who is responsible for sales and business development towards our customers
• Chief Operating Officer Shipping, Xavier Leroi, who is responsible for all shipping activities in Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean, and EUKOR. He also holds the Chairman of the Board position in Armacup
• Chief Operating Officer Logistics, Mike Hynekamp, who is responsible for all marine terminals, auto and equipment processing centers as well as inland transport
• Chief Operating Officer - Digital Supply Chain Solutions, Mike Hynekamp, who is responsible for developing and delivering digital supply chain solutions

See bios of all management team members here.

In addition, there are four units and functions reporting to the CEO:

•ARC, CEO Eric Ebeling (also reporting to an independent board in ARC)
•Sustainability, Chief Sustainability Officer Anette Rønnov
•Orcelle Accelerator, headed by Jon Tarjei Kråkenes
•Corporate Strategy, TBD