Innovative flow battery provider wins big at the 2018 Orcelle Awards

A technology that could provide an alternative to shore power for the shipping industry has won the 2018 Wallenius Wilhelmsen Orcelle Award.

Orcelle Award 2018

US-based Jolt Energy Storage Technology (Jolt) is developing an all-organic industrial flow battery system that’s durable, scalable and requires no expensive catalyst or membranes.

The battery systems have the potential to store energy in the mWh to gWh range, which is enough to supply a vessel while docked. Jolt also sees applications in renewable energy systems, where the batteries can be used to store energy from intermittent renewable energy sources, like wind and solar.

“Winning the award is a tremendous boom for us – it will allow us to really accelerate our efforts towards making renewable and environmentally responsible energy a reality for the shipping industry,” said Tom Guarr, Chief Scientist at Jolt, who was presented the award by Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions’ COO Raymond Fitzgerald.

Sustainability used to be a choice that companies made. Today, it’s no longer a choice; it’s a requirement and a core element of strategy – one that with the power of social media has a direct impact on a brand and its ultimate success.

Raymond Fitzgerald

Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions’ COO

“With its focus on innovation and environmental sustainability, the Ocean Exchange is a fantastic model for collaboration and for translating ideas into action.”

The Orcelle Award, established by Wallenius Wilhelmsen in 2007, is one of two $100,000 prizes awarded at the Ocean Exchange. The award is given to the solution with the greatest potential to make shipping and logistics more sustainable through commercially viable high-efficiency or zero emission technologies.

Ocean Exchange is an annual event that promotes new, innovative solutions designed to help the environment, health and economies.

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