Erik Noeklebye seeks new challenges

Erik Noeklebye will leave Wallenius Wilhelmsen and the position as EVP & COO Shipping Services. “25 years in the company, working through challenges and successes with all my amazing colleagues, makes you take stock of your life and career. This has not been an easy decision but one that is right for me and my family,” says Erik Noeklebye.


“We will miss Erik Noeklebye. It is a quarter of a century of institutional as well as industry experience leaving. I would very much like to have Erik with me on the journey forward, but I also respect his choice,” says Lasse Kristoffersen, CEO at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

Time for everything

“My work here at Wallenius Wilhelmsen has been my number one priority all these years,” says Noeklebye reflecting on the diversity of his more than 8,000 colleagues, all the exciting job opportunities, and the many fascinating places and cultures he has experienced. “There is a time for everything. Now is the time to focus more on my family. We return home from Korea to Scandinavia in November.”

Interesting and challenging

Noeklebye started his career at Wilhelmsen after graduating from university. He has held various positions in cargo operations, trade and sales. “I have been lucky to have been given so many interesting and challenging opportunities. Also, staying with the same company for so many years is an anomaly these days. It has been a great observation point of an industry in change, constantly evolving to adjust to new realities such as tighter global trade, new challenges related to cargo with a variety of fuel sources, and an all-time conflux of challenges hitting the industry. I have learnt a lot, something I take with me wherever I go next.”

Change is healthy

Noeklebye believes change is healthy. “It is good for the company that there is a change in the top management. We have so much talent to build on. I know me leaving will open opportunities for others, competent and inspired colleagues, ready to take on new responsibilities,” says Noeklebye.

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