Streamlining technical services and distribution processes for construction machinery dealer networks

For construction machinery dealer Honnen, the main goal is to ensure their customers receive their new machines on time and to specification.

Honnen exterior

The customer challenge

Based in the northwest of the US and supplying construction machinery across four states, streamlining its processes will help Honnen serve its customers better.

The company requires technical support to fit accessories and carry out installations on all the OEM construction machinery imported from Japan before delivering the products to its customers. Preparing the machinery quickly and to a high standard is critical. With limited resources available at their dealer locations, outsourcing this work helps to alleviate some of the supply chain pressure, allowing Honnen to focus more on selling machinery and servicing their customers rather than prepping them for the end-users.

With the machines expected to be with dealers within three weeks of their arrival at the port, it's also equally important to ensure seamless distribution to all of Honnen’s 11 dealer locations to meet delivery deadlines.

Finding solutions

Honnen’s main requirements are for block heaters, hydraulic kits, buckets, couplers and other parts to be installed on the machines before they are delivered to its dealer locations across the Northwest.

Tacoma EPC

Our Tacoma equipment processing centre

Close to the shipping terminal in Tacoma, our state-of-the-art processing facility is equipped with a team of OEM-certified technicians to undertake complex and specialised work, including welding and hydraulic line routing when attaching components onto the machinery. Honnen is afforded the peace of mind that machinery is processed to the same standard as manufacturers and within the timelines to meet customer demand.

We chose Wallenius Wilhelmsen because of its ability to provide machine set up and trucking. We have many installation requirements for the equipment, including welding, and the mating of machines and components is difficult for our dealers to handle.

Jardie Lauinger

Inventory operations manager at Honnen

Once the installation work is completed, we also support Honnen with inland distribution, offering trucking solutions to deliver the machinery to its dealerships in Utah, Idaho, Colorado and Wyoming.

Delivering results

Delivering the machinery on time is an important aspect of our partnership with Honnen, so our Tacoma facility with its strong network of inland routes close to Honnen’s dealerships and customer network, provides an effective solution.

“We are providing the one-stop solution for installation and transportation that Honnen was looking for, leaving them to focus on selling its services to their customers,” says Jeff Fisher, business development manager at Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

“Wallenius Wilhemsen works hard to distribute the units to the dealerships on time, helping us drive towards a seamless supply chain,” adds Lauinger. “The partnership has speeded up our supply processes to ensure our machines are configured to our customers’ requests and ready to hit the dirt quicker.”

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