5 ways our equipment processing can benefit you

From technical services to storage and distribution, our equipment processing centres provide a wide range of solutions for OEMs in the mining, construction and agricultural industries. Find out how we can help get your equipment and machines to market in dealer-ready condition.

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1. Outsourcing processing optimises your supply chain

The notion that OEMs alone can perform work on their machines is a misconception. Our equipment processing centres (EPCs) work to the same high standards as manufacturers and can carry out complex, highly specialised work that might otherwise have taken place on the factory floor.

For example, excavators could arrive without the stick, boom, bucket and hydraulic lines fitted, and our OEM-certified engineers can complete all of these installations onsite. Our facilities can also store these components to ensure machines can be completed quickly to the exact specifications required.

By outsourcing these services, OEMs can free up time to focus on core production without having to interrupt the manufacturing process to customise a machine to a specific customer’s needs.

Dubai EPC (36)

Our EPCs provide a variety of storage solutions.

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Our EPCs work to the same high standards as manufacturers and can carry out complex, highly specialised work that might otherwise have taken place on the factory floor.

Dubai EPC (17)

A wide variety of services can be performed at an EPC, including paint touch ups.

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We have a global network of on-port, off-port and in-plant EPCs.

2. EPCs offer flexibility to help you respond better to market demand

Our processing centres enable your products to be quickly customised for the local market without having to wait for components or machines to be shipped from overseas. This makes you more responsive to changes in local demand.

In fact, our EPCs can be thought of as an extension of your business – one that helps you improve speed to market. Using an external supplier also offers the flexibility to adjust capacity if needed, meaning processing can be scaled up or down according to your requirements.

3. Choose from a global network of on-port, off-port and in-plant EPCs

We can process your equipment both at or near ports and at your factory to help streamline distribution, reduce transit costs and provide an efficient connection between all parts of the outbound supply chain.

In-plant EPCs are dedicated to a specific OEM and are located on-site with the customer or adjacent to their factory. These facilities focus on customisation, assembly and distribution of equipment.

Our on-port EPCs offer a good solution if products are due to be shipped directly from the port or left in storage for a short period. Off-port EPCs are suited to long-term storage needs and extensive customisation work.

4. EPCs offer cost-effective customisation solutions

As well as customising machinery in the local market to significantly cut lead times for OEMs, our EPCs can undertake processes traditionally performed by dealers such as up-fitting. These services are carried out in in a factory-like setting at a lower cost. Dealers can also benefit from this solution and improve profitability by reserving valuable shop space for retail repairs rather than storage of machines.

In addition, by delivering machines directly from the EPC to the job site, transportation expenses are also reduced.

5. Our storage solutions maintain your equipment ready for delivery

To keep products in ‘like new’ condition while in storage, we ‘exercise’ machines every 30, 60 or 90 days as required. We also apply fluid film on non-painted surfaces to help reduce rust and oxidation, and wash and wax machines to prevent fading from the sun.

For machinery in long-term storage, we perform 12-month servicing, during which all fluids are drained and replaced, and new filters are installed to ensure that machines arrive at the end customer in pristine condition.

Our EPC offering

  • A global network of strategically located EPCs
  • 3 types of facilities: on-port, off-port and in-plant EPCs
  • EPCs offer pre-delivery inspection, customisation, accessory fitting, washing, repairs and rectifications, assembly and disassembly, yard management, storage and receipt and dispatch services
  • Skilled team of experts familiar with construction, agricultural and mining equipment.

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