Hans Åkervall

Board member

Hans has been a chartered accountant and partner in KPMG for many years. Hans has held positions as CEO of KPMG Sweden, Head of Audit, and has been a
board member of KPMG Sweden and KPMG's international and regional board EMA. Hans has extensive global experience including serving as a national, regional,and global Lead Partner for several large companies. Hans has worked with a diverse portfolio of clients – across banking, insurance, manufacturing, and logistics among others – and has deep insight into the capital market and corporate governance.

Hans left KPMG in 2016 and is now a senior advisor and is serving as a board member in Rederi AB Soya.


Areas of expertise

Audit, Corporate Governance, Capital Market, Merger and Acquisitions, Private Sector, Government and Public Sector, Industrial Manufacturing, Professional and Business Services.