Invoicing instructions

This page provides detailed information on how to correctly invoice Wallenius Wilhelmsen. It includes specific guidelines and requirements that suppliers must follow to help Wallenius Wilhelmsen streamline invoice processing, and thereby reduce the likelihood of errors or delayed payments.

All invoices must include the following:

  • A title indicating that the document is an invoice (not a statement, quote, etc.)
  • The full legal name and address of the supplier
  • The supplier's tax ID, VAT number, org. number or other government issued identifier
  • An invoice number
  • A PO, spend plan or contract reference number, if applicable
  • A specification of goods or services, the quantities and dates they were provided
  • The price of individual goods or services, applicable taxes, and a total amount
  • The date of invoice issue, and expected payment (according to agreed credit terms)
  • Payment instructions

Submitting invoices:

Wallenius Wilhelmsen operates multiple companies across the world, each of which has a dedicated e-invoice and/or email address for receiving invoices via the three methods mentioned below. Contact us if you need help determining where to send your invoice as invoices sent to the wrong address are rejected.

1. E-invoices (html-based invoices)

Send your e-invoices to the correct e-invoice address, it is the quickest way to receive payment.

2. Keyed in invoices

Manually create and submit your invoice through a free portal:, which will generate an e-invoice on your behalf. This option is suitable for suppliers with small invoicing volumes and no e-invoicing capabilities.

3. Machine readable PDFs on email

Suppliers who cannot generate e-invoices may submit their invoices as a PDF attachement to email. Please note that these addresses are intended solely for the delivery of invoices. Refrain from sending payment reminders, payment status requests, or any other inquiries through this channel, as they will not be processed.

Note that the processing time for invoices sent via email is typically longer than for e-invoices.

Additional instructions for PDF invoicing:

  • Send the invoice only one time to one email address (******* to prevent duplicate rejections
  • Use the email "TO" field; refrain from using "CC" or "BCC"
  • Attach invoices as PDFs, version 1.4 or higher, other file formats cannot be read
  • Ensure that the invoice is the first page of the PDF document, with any supporting information on the following pages
  • Each PDF is treated as a separate invoice if an email has multiple attachments
  • Limit PDF file names to the characters [A-Z], [a-z], [0-9], [.], [ _ ], with a maximum length of 100 characters
  • The PDF cannot be password-protected
  • Keep the total email size below 10 MB

Before sending your invoice:

Accurate and complete invoice information ensures fast delivery of payment while missing details will result in delays or possibly invoice rejection. Before invoicing, please ensure that:

Timely payment relies on accurate and complete invoice details, as any missing information will likely lead to delays or rejection. Prior to invoicing us, please ensure that:

  • You are an onboarded supplier as only onboarded suppliers can be paid.
  • You are billing the correct legal entity. Invoices sent to the wrong address cannot be processed.
  • The invoice meets the requirements outlined in the "All invoices must include the following" section.
  • Your invoice mentions your Wallenius Wilhelmsen contact so it can easily be directed for approval.
  • If applicable, your invoices includes a PO or Spend Plan reference number, because it indicates that the expense has already been approved and can go for payment processing.

If you have any questions, please contact us before sending your invoice.