Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA: Minutes of annual general meeting 2022

26.04.2022, Oslo - The annual general meeting of Wallenius Wilhelmsen ASA was held, Tuesday 26 April 2022. All proposals on the agenda were adopted, as per notices of the annual general meeting published on NewsWeb Oslo Stock Exchange on 5 April 2022 and on 11 April 2022. Enclosed are the minutes of the annual general meeting in Norwegian and English. The minutes will also be made available on the company's website: www.walleniuswilhelmsen.com. For further information, please contact: Investor relations: Anette Orsten, VP Global Treasury & IR. Tel: +47 980 67 912, email: anette.orsten@walwil.com Media relations: Anette Maltun Koefoed, VP Corporate Communications. Tel: +47 975 87 999, email: anette.maltunkoefoed@walwil.com About Wallenius Wilhelmsen The Wallenius Wilhelmsen group (OSE: WAWI) is a market leader in RoRo shipping and vehicle logistics, transporting cars, trucks, rolling equipment and breakbulk around the world. The company operates over 130 vessels servicing 16 trade routes to six continents, and a global inland distribution network, processing centers, and marine terminals all over the world. The Wallenius Wilhelmsen group consists of Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Solutions, EUKOR and ARC. The group is headquartered in Oslo, Norway with 8,200 employees in 29 countries worldwide. Read more at www.walleniuswilhelmsen.com

Source: NewsWeb