Disruptions to Chile service

Unprecedent swells and port congestion are disrupting our Chile service.

Tarago Tacoma 2

As a result of multiple circumstances such as extra-ordinary swells, port closures, large volumes/peak fruit export season, lower productivity due to the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on labour efficiency, the lack of trucking capacity to quickly clear cargo arriving in the terminal, we have and are continuing to experience severe berth and terminal congestion at our ports of calling in Chile including both Puerto Angamos and San Antonio. This situation has great impact on our vessel schedules to and from Chile and gives ripple effects to the rest of our network in South America and beyond.

We are working hard to minimize disruptions for our customers. However, all indications suggest that this is not going to change in the near future. Consequently, we wish to inform you upfront that substantial delays are expected now and in the coming weeks/months. As such we might be forced, without prior notice, to deviate from our normal vessel schedules and our usual transit times. It may be necessary to discharge and transship cargo or to discharge cargo in a port in Chile which was not the port originally planned for discharge. These possibilities should be considered by you before booking any cargo to these ports.

For updates and mitigation plans on your current and future bookings, your Wallenius Wilhelmsen contacts will reach out to you directly or you may contact them directly. Our customer service departments will endeavor to keep you updated and you can also contact them or follow the schedule information on our web site which is updated regularly: