NIO and Wallenius Wilhelmsen: An integrated value chain and close collaboration

Last week NIO`s founder, chairman and CEO, William Li was in Oslo to visit NIO House celebrating one year anniversary. He met with President and CEO in Wallenius Wilhelmsen, Lasse Kristoffersen. The strong collaboration showcases how players, both manufacturers and logistic providers, work tightly together to align their businesses to reduce the negative effects of the supply chain crunch felt across the globe.

Lasse Kristoffersen & William Li

NIO sees Wallenius Wilhelmsen as a strong shipping and logistics distribution partner.

Under current contracts, Wallenius Wilhelmsen picks up NIO vehicles at the Shanghai port terminal, ships the vehicles to Zeebrugge, checks the conditions of the 12 volt and HV batteries, does customs clearance handling, moves the vehicles into terminals for further distribution and shipment, brings the vehicles onto short-sea vessels bound for ports in the Nordics. In Norway, Wallenius Wilhelmsen brings the vehicles from the port in Drammen to Nio’s central distribution service center in Oslo/Viken.

Lasse and William Li

Lasse visit NIO in Oslo

Lasse at NIO House

Wallenius Wilhelmsen & NIO

NIO has large growth ambitions in Europe. Zeebrugge has been defined as the key distribution hub for their Northern European market. Wallenius Wilhelmsen owns the newly opened Orcelle Terminal which will have a capacity of more than 10,000 cars when the development is fully completed.

“Our integrated value chain with Wallenius Wilhelmsen gives us a competitive advantage. Our tight partnership, including one point of contact throughout the value chain, has been especially important to us along our journey to Europe. I look forward to further collaborating with Wallenius Wilhelmsen and bringing our products and services to more users globally,” says NIO’s founder, chairman and CEO, William Li.

Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s CEO Lasse Kristoffersen says: «We have been impressed with how a newcomer such as NIO takes ownership of their entire value chain and are open to try out new collaboration models where partnerships as part of their go-to-market strategy.”

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