Europe, Middle East and Africa

28 September 2022

On the ocean

We will continue to adapt our product and add capacity where possible in accordance with the forecasts that our customer provide. Though vessel schedules continue to be disrupted due to port congestion and other issues at ports throughout the region.

In ports and terminals

The ports continue to see delays due to high cargo volumes, which combined with labour shortage in all terminals and vehicle processing centers due to Covid-19 and government restrictions further compounds the delays.

Southampton: . Terminal is operating at near full capacity, which impacts productivity at the port as well as vessel operations.

Zeebrugge: Terminal yard and berths are being highly utilised which lead to space constraints and vessel delays at some terminals. The terminals are reaching saturation due to large volumes of import cargo as well as growing dwell times due to general shortage of trucking capacity. Slight improvements on the labour situation have been noticed.

Antwerp: Slightly better situation than in Zeebrugge although we are still observing slower than usual pick-up of inbound cargoes from the terminal.

Bremerhaven: The Port Authority has informed that the North Lock in Bremerhaven will be closed for 7 weeks in September / October as the main entrance and exit channel for the vessels. This will lead in particular to the following:
- Berth and personnel resources will only be used to a limited extent
- The berthing time of the ships will be extended.

The various initial waiting times will arise in the short term due to the limited possibility of locking all ships via one of the “Kaiser Locks". As expected, the vacation season is increasing the already existing labour availability challenge. Consequently, shipping lines are even more faced with limited number of slots especially for high and heavy, and breakbulk cargo.

Durban: Terminal is operating at near full capacity, though can only work two vessels at a time due to shortage of stevedores. This is impacting vessel schedules and labour productivity.

Mediterranean ports: Congestions expected in Tarragona where we suffer lack of labor due to manpower reorganization.

At our processing centres

Vehicle processing
Zeebrugge: Our vehicle processing centre is open and operational. Hours of operation remain the same and staff is equipped with safety materials to prevent exposure.

Our vehicle processing centre is open and operational. Staff is continuing to work closely with customers to support increased storage requirements.

Equipment processing
Zeebrugge: Our equipment processing centre is open and operational. As storage capacity continues to be stretched, we encourage customers to pick up their cargo as soon as possible. Regular hours of operation remain in place.

Dubai: Our equipment processing centre is open and operational. We are working with our customers to support their additional storage requirements.

As OEMs continue to operate with varied manufacturing schedules and as they face new and potentially unforeseen challenges, we are committed to supporting our customers to maintain a healthy supply chain. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your needs further.