Shipping to and from China: 5 reasons to set sail with WW Ocean

There are numerous reasons why customers choose WW Ocean as their partner for shipments to and from China. As well as a fast, reliable RoRo liner service, the company also offers a flexible and customer-centred approach.

Shanghai China Liner original

With WW Ocean’s RoRo liner service, customers and freight forwarders looking to ship products to and from China are guaranteed the safest, fastest and most cost-efficient way of transporting cargo of all shapes and sizes across the world’s oceans. But that’s just one reason WW Ocean’s service is so sought-after...

1. We put the customer in the driving seat

WW Ocean’s RoRo service provides customers in the Americas, Europe and South East Asia with products from China that are in high demand. As a result, adhering to strict deadlines is part and parcel of the offering.

2. Our routes are extensive

WW Ocean’s excellent port coverage ensures satisfied customers over the world: as well as the existing regular Shanghai to North America voyages, routes also have been added from Yantai to New York. With regular sailings to the above, plus Inchon, Kobe, Brunswick, Savannah and Baltimore, our first-to-market approach ensures lower inventory costs and reduced supply-chain pressure. Plus, at a journey time of just 40 to 45 days, the WW Ocean liner service offers the shortest scheduled transit time from China to the east coast of the US. A similar transit time is offered on the regular liner service from China to Europe – a differentiator in the wider liner market.

3. You’re guaranteed a plain-sailing experience

The WW Ocean team in China places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. This means providing more than just a shipping service; from initial inquiry through to arrival at end destination, a best-in-class service is guaranteed. Added to this, not only can WW Solutions arrange for terminal services, processing and inland transportation, we’re also committed to providing customers with as much information as they need.

4. There’s plenty of room on board

The flexible layout of our RoRo vessels, with decks configured according to shipment, means cargo of all shapes and sizes – from fleets of vehicles to heavy breakbulk – can be transported at the same time. This flexibility, coupled with the China liner service’s capacity of up to 8,000 RT (depending on the cargo mix), means there’s not a lot we can’t ship.

5. We run a tight ship

Our customers can plan their operations safe in the knowledge that WW Ocean will deliver your product in double-quick time. We’re committed to providing a seamless liner service to customers around the world – and this means ensuring our cargo-handlers are expertly trained and innovating to meet changing demands.

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