Paperwork, pride and passion for the job: Meet the team in El Salvador

Based in El Salvador, Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s customer support, documentation, finance and claims team performs a vital role globally, managing everything from importing and exporting cargo to accounts payable and receivable. Without further ado, let’s meet four key players…

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Roberto Delgado, manager, documentation Americas

My role covers import and export processes in the US, Canada, Panama, Mexico and Central America, and I manage a team of 18. Our schedule runs from 7am to 4pm, and a key part of the job is creating bills of lading for shipping cargo.

Documentation, whether it’s for the bill of lading or customs, is central to the smooth running of the business. The best service we can give the customer is an accurate bill of lading – on time and with no errors.

My team has a broad reach, and as we’re managing documentation for a wide geographic area, many team members are bilingual or even trilingual: all staff speak English and Spanish – some even speak French or German too.

Outside of work, I enjoy playing computer games. Football Manager is a firm favourite!

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Karina Rivera, manager customer support, North America

I’ve been with the company for 10 years, and my role involves supporting the cargo planning, port operation and commercial teams in North America. My day begins with checking for any urgent customer requests. We’ve had some unusual ones – one customer wanted us to drive his Toyota to the next port because he’d missed his original ship. Although we couldn’t quite do that, we were able to rearrange the shipment for him!

In our team we love the ‘issue resolution’ aspect of our role – it’s what motivates me. I think it’s really important my team understand not only what they do, but why they do it. Together we have a big impact on the business. It’s like being part of a big clock, where every cog matters!

In my spare time, family is the most important thing. I have two very active children and I love spending time with them playing soccer, going to the beach, or climbing a volcano. They’re the cure for anything!

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Karen Umaña, global claims manager

For me, good customer service starts with identifying with your customer – we try and understand their position as much as possible, and remember that the ‘cargo’ we’re dealing with is our customers’ products.

I’ve been working for WW Ocean in El Salvador for seven years, and in claims for four years. I manage a team of six that handles global claims for WW Ocean and insurance claims for WW Solutions. The WW Ocean claims process here is quick – it normally takes just 30 days from start to finish. I’m also a lawyer by training, and at the moment am studying for a Master’s degree in International Business Law.

There hasn’t been a single day at work in which I haven’t learned something new. The company is always helping its people to grow and that builds great loyalty. For me, coming to work is like being with my family.

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Rodrigo Oliva, manager, accounts payable & accounts receivable, WW Solutions

My 10-person team covers two regions – the Americas and Europe – and we deal with all accounts payable and some accounts receivable. We’re making payments and chasing payments every day.

I’m one of two original employees at the El Salvador site who have been here for 10 years – from the very beginning, in fact! I think part of the reason why I’ve been here so long is that we have a great work-life balance and great development opportunities, too – I’ve enjoyed attending leadership courses in recent months, and it really feels like the company cares for you.

My team are proud of being part of a site that does so much internally and externally for WW Solutions. It’s a young, vibrant office, and I’d encourage anyone who has the opportunity to visit us to do so. We enjoy meeting people and we really are very friendly!

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