How to ensure safer ocean transport through better cargo packing

At Wallenius Wilhelmsen, safety is our top priority. Did you know that when it comes to breakbulk cargo handling, proper cargo packing is critical to the safe handling of goods? If you want to know more about our best practices, keep on reading and find out what our Global Industrial Account Development team had to say.

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Safety can never be overemphasized

For breakbulk, safety is not a new topic. Magnus Ödling, VP Global Industrial Account Development says "This month we are highlighting safety at Wallenius Wilhelmsen. To me, for a safe operation, one of the most important contributions from my team is to continuously safeguard the high standard of packaging used in the supply chain,” he continues, “we do this by refining and improving standards, sharing best practices and by conducting internal and external trainings."

In 2022, we achieved a damage ratio of just 0.02 per cent, a testament to our commitment to safety and quality. "We are proud of the focus on safety and quality that is at the heart of everything we do at Wallenius Wilhelmsen," says Ödling.

The importance of proper cargo packing

In safe breakbulk handling, proper cargo packing is paramount. To support this, we have developed the Breakbulk packing guide that you can read in full here.

Vessels are affected by six different motions that can occur simultaneously and which combine into three types of acceleration – vertical, transversal and longitudinal. We follow IMO regulations to ensure that cargo is designed to withstand these forces.

"The technical sales team plays a critical role in ensuring the safe and smooth loading of breakbulk cargoes globally on our vessels. They also provide consultancy services for our customers in regards to packaging, lashing and securing cargo," explains Carsten Wendt, senior manager, breakbulk sales, West.

Safety is made possible through cooperation, partnerships and continuous work with all stakeholders.

"In Germany, we actively drive in an industry-wide initiative to promote better implementation of cargo packing. This includes working closely with customers, packing companies, and industry associations to ensure that safety remains a top priority." says Wendt.

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On-site tour with the packing association members in Japan

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In Japan, Wallenius Wilhelmsen is an active member of the Japan Packing Association and advocate for better standards for export cargo packing. Members of the association are invited to visit one of our ports in Japan, where they can see the actual "Gemba" scene and develop better standards.

A quote from one of the tour participants that visited the port echoed this by saying, "Through this initiative, we learned the importance of communication & collaboration among cargo owners, cargo packing companies, and shipping lines. By knowing how cargo is packed before it is transported, we can learn about the existing risks and have common ground for realizing safer transportation."