5 reasons why RoRo is perfect for your heavy breakbulk

Did you know that a RoRo liner service offers reliable, cost-effective transportation for even the most complex cargo? Here are five reasons why RoRo really is perfect for your heavy breakbulk transport needs.

5 reasons why Ro Ro is perfect for heavy breakbulk

Whether you’re after low-cost shipments, high-quality handling or a frequent and regular schedule, the potential of RoRo mustn’t be overlooked. Here are five compelling reasons why OEMs around the world are harnessing the potential of RoRo on an almost daily basis.

1. Low total price and cost transparency

Many customers find the savings promised by LoLo and container services to be quickly cancelled out by the costs of container hire, storage, additional labour and equipment rental. For a typical heavy breakbulk shipment, RoRo pricing is more transparent. In fact, it can actually contribute to a lower total landed transport cost.

2. An established scheduled service

A RoRo liner service operates to a frequent scheduled timetable, so unlike LoLo routes, which can be postponed or diverted at very short notice, a RoRo liner schedule is a timetable you can really rely on.

For complex routings, transshipment will ensure your cargo gets from A to B in good time. Plus, cargo awaiting transfer never leaves the secure wheeled handling equipment – giving customers even greater peace of mind.

3. Increased safety and quality

Heavy breakbulk is securely lashed to handling equipment from port to port, meaning there’s little lifting involved. And because of the flexibility of a RoRo vessel, no dismantling is required.

On the vessel itself, cargo is simply rolled onto the appropriate deck depending on its weight and dimensions. It’s then lashed into place to help reduce the impact of any ocean swell.

4. Cargo is protected from the elements

With LoLo operations, your cargo is exposed to the elements and so needs to be packaged correctly – which impacts cost. Likewise, with container shipping your cargo may still be vulnerable to changes in temperature and humidity.

On WW Ocean RoRo vessels, however, all cargo is stored on climate-controlled fully sheltered decks – perfect for delicate breakbulk that could be affected by water or humidity. This high standard of handling reduces risk and is unrivalled by any other vessel type.

5. Less time and money wasted between port delivery and shipment

With a regular RoRo liner service, there’s no need to hire port warehousing for crating, packing and loading – which again helps reduce costs. Guaranteed departure times mean you can arrange your own port operations as and when necessary, and heavy breakbulk can be moved onto vessels when required – with no need for costly storage at port while waiting for the right vessel.

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