Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative

What happens when a vessel reaches retirement age?

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We believe in responsible ship recycling, something we've practiced for years. That's why we support the work of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative.

We believe in responsible vessel recycling. Download our policy to learn more.

The Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative (SRTI) is a ‘one stop shop’ online platform to report information on ship recycling against a set of pre-defined disclosure criteria developed jointly by key industry stakeholders. In the interest of transparency, shipowners should share their approach on key disclosure criteria on the SRTI online platform. Cargo owners and financial stakeholders will have access to information on different companies’ approaches to ship recycling and make informed decisions.

Launched in March 2018, the SRTI is an open initiative with a mission to accelerate a voluntary market-driven approach to responsible ship recycling practices through transparency; and subsequently to inform decision-making and create fair competition across the shipping industry.

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