Building a place to thrive

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We work hard to develop a work environment that values the strengths and diversity of all our people.

We are a global company of nearly 9,500 people, working on vessels and at ports, processing centers, and offices in nearly 45 countries. We pride ourselves on being a responsible employer, and we aim to be an irresistible place to work - that's how we stay one step ahead of the competition. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we recognise the strong link between employee satisfaction and creating value.

We are also looking out for the men and women working for our suppliers and contractors, carefully selecting partners who share our values, while ensuring that there are no violations of human rights in the supply chain.

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To ensure we are making progress, we measure and report on our performance in areas that are key to our sustainability:

  • Diversity
  • Safe operations
  • Human and labour rights in ship recycling
  • Training and development
  • Working and welfare

This work contributes to UN Sustainable Development Goals 8 & 10

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Making our company more sustainable also contributes to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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