Why our Tacoma facility offers supply chain benefits to equipment OEMs

With its expansive EPC and network of inland trucking and ocean services, our Tacoma facility on the US west coast delivers a single solution for processing, inland distribution and ocean transportation, helping agricultural, mining and construction OEMs boost supply chain velocity.

Tacoma vpc 7

A single location for all your logistics needs

Strategically positioned for OEMs to sell to dealers in the Pacific Northwest region, our Tacoma EPC not only helps speed up time to market but also benefits from access to a Free-Trade Zone, enabling customers to postpone, reduce or even eliminate customs duties.

Tacoma is an important port in WW Ocean’s network, benefitting from regular RoRo liner services to and from Asia and Europe. The fact that our EPC is located close to the terminal itself means equipment can be moved quickly and efficiently from the port to the processing facility, resulting in time savings.

In addition, our inland trucking services from the EPC to end customers and dealers also help boost supply chain velocity.

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Trained technicians perform value-added services at the EPC on a daily basis.

Tacoma vpc 5

Products in storage. Machines are separated by brand and model to keep track of products and to control inventories.

Tacoma vpc 3

A worker directing a machine onto a trailer for transport to dealer.

Tacoma vpc 1

The processing centre has the ability to do wielding of various kinds like mounting of attachments and modifications as needed.

Tacoma vpc 4

The facility is in a Free-Trade Zone area, which provides customers with incentives.

Value-added services offer greater flexibility for OEMs

Another advantage of our EPC is the range of value-added services on offer, which include storage and preservation, pre-delivery inspections, assembly, finish-to-order customisation, kit installation and tire changes.

In addition, the facility features a new Rubb storage building and extra acreage for truck loading and unloading.

When combined with its location, these services bring added flexibility to OEMs who can store machines until they determine the final destination, thereby reducing their inland transportation needs.

“Our Tacoma EPC enables OEMs to have inventory available, which reduces lead times when dealers place an order for a machine,” says Dan Higgins, senior manager for EPC business development. “As soon as a dealer places an order, we can customise the machine and arrange transportation to the final customer, which helps improve time to market.

“Our skilled technicians perform these services on a daily basis, so customers and dealers alike can expect high quality,” he adds.

Delivering solutions to meet significant regional growth

“As we continue to see significant growth in the Pacific Northwest, our facility at Tacoma enables us to best support the growing needs of our customers and partners in the region both now and in the future by helping them to reduce lead times and optimise their supply chains,” says Higgins.

“Roadbuilding, agriculture, forestry and even mining are all enjoying growth in the Pacific Northwest,” agrees Doug Peterson, account manager at WW Solutions.

“Naturally the services customers need today are accommodated with ease, but there are undoubtedly services, which perhaps they have not even thought of yet, that we will be ready to offer, as we have done towards the automotive industry.”

Fast facts

The Tacoma EPC

  • 19 acres of paved parking
  • Very close to our ocean transportation berth
  • Free-Trade Zone (FTZ) incentives
  • Easy access to I-5 Interstate
  • Access to rail connections
  • 10,000 square feet of covered parts storage
  • Eco-friendly wash bay with oil/water separator
  • Two finish-to-order work bays
  • Services: Receiving/shipping, storage, exercise, pre-delivery inspections, minor paint and body repair, rust prevention, washing, welding, hydraulics, electrical, assembly, finish to order customisation, kit installation, tire work
  • Truck loading, unloading and rigging

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