Serving you better: Welcome to our new website!

We are always looking for new and improved ways to meet the needs of our customers, investors and the communities we serve online as well as in real life.

New Website launch has now become, with a fresh new look and feel. The new website is tailored to deliver the functionality we know you like and use the most, and designed in line with the best user experience in mind.

Key new features are:

  • flat structure and clear menu
  • updated schedules application
  • improved service description under ‘what we do’
  • extended sustainability section.

But the most important capabilities lie ‘under the hood’. Digitalisation is a central part of our strategy, and with our new modular and flexible technology platform we will be able to quickly deliver new and improved services on-line as they develop.

Have a look around, and please let us know what you think! Click the 'Feedback' tag (on the right side), choose an emoji, and leave your comments. Continuous improvement is our mantra: we can only improve how we serve you online with your input!