RoRo Academy points to growing buzz around RoRo shipping

Wednesday 3 October saw 25 senior shipping representatives from 20 forwarders gather in Milan for a packed day of learning and discussion at the inaugural WW Ocean RoRo Academy. WW Ocean reports back.

Ro Ro Academy image2

The inaugural WW Ocean RoRo Academy event in Milan gave the audience the opportunity to discuss everything from RoRo capabilities and stinkbug precautions to the upcoming Sulphur 2020 regulations.

With 25 people from 20 freight forwarders present, the event drew an interesting mix of attendees – from general managers and ocean procurement specialists to operations and business development experts.

As well as learning about the basics of RoRo sea transportation and the way RoRo vessels operate, attendees were also given an insight into how RoRo compares to other shipping methods.

The one-day event began with a general introduction to all things RoRo, including the kinds of shipments it enables, before moving on to RoRo operations, and the kinds of equipment used onboard to ensure crew and cargo safety.

It also saw two of the most talked-about issues in shipping – the brown marmorated stink bug (BMSB) and the upcoming Sulphur 2020 regulations – put under the spotlight by experts from WW Ocean.

“Attendance from so many customers at a senior level was excellent, particularly in a country where WW Ocean and EUKOR are both represented by an agent with no own commercial presence,” said Nick Bryan, Vice President France, Benelux, Southern Europe/MED.

Reflecting on the day, attendee Mirna Palmiotto, an Italsempione Sea Freight Procurement Manager, said: “The event was very interesting and extremely useful for me, but above all, for my colleague, who’s a newcomer to the RoRo and breakbulk side of shipping.”

Gianfranco Righi SRL General Manager Marcello Giorgini said: “The event agenda was certainly very interesting, especially for those people who deal with both commercial and technical aspects of RoRo.”

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