New digital start-up looks set to transform shipping industry

Wallenius Wilhelmsen-backed Raa Labs will help maritime companies overcome their biggest challenges through digitalisation and the adoption of new technologies.

Raa Labs Logo image

Wallenius Wilhelmsen has launched a maritime digital start-up – and it’s on a mission to help the industry meet regulatory requirements, reduce environmental footprint and overcome cost challenges through the power of technology.

Tapping into the networks of its owners Wallenius Wilhelmsen and the Wilhelmsen group, Raa Labs’ will focus on technological innovation, and how software can meet the demands placed on the shipping industry today.

After receiving $2m in seed investment from its owners, the Oslo-based start-up is now primed to offer its customers a range of services – from solutions that reduce environmental impact and operational costs to technology that improves overall vessel performance.

Going forward, the start-up will be Wallenius Wilhelmsen’s partner in accelerating digital adoption, orchestrating industry-wide change and creating digital products and services where business opportunities exist.

“We’re very excited with the establishment of Raa Labs,” said Wallenius Wilhelmsen CEO Craig Jasienski.

“The pace of change in the industry is only accelerating and we want to create a unit that is ahead of us, scouting for new digital solutions to radically change our businesses and to help other companies do the same.”

The Raa Labs team has vast digital and entrepreneurial experience, and employs experts who have worked in technology and software companies, as well as the maritime industry.

“The current digital state of the maritime industry is lagging standardisation, disconnected data in monolithic silos and dated software. This creates inefficiencies and slows down innovation,” said Raa Labs CEO, Ari Marjamaa.

“The shapers of tomorrow’s industry are those who know how to utilise their expertise, data and customer insights to build software creating a competitive edge.”

The company name ‘Raa’ is Norse for the ‘yard’ used to hold up the square sail of Viking long ships. This highly efficient sail offered the Viking vessels superior speed and handling – and helped them secure a dominant position on the seas.

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