New berth at Halifax for breakbulk and rolling equipment

We’ve recently changed berth at the port of Halifax for customers shipping rolling equipment and breakbulk products to Canada. Here’s what you need to know.

Tarago Tacoma 2

Owing to development at the port of Halifax, at the end of February we moved our operations for rolling and breakbulk cargo from Pier 31 to Pier 9C.

Strategically positioned and with expansive storage space, the new berth location is expected to be a welcome move among customers.

Its location closer to the highway allows for easier access to inland transportation and offers more convenient rail access, including three sidings for loading import products to rail, ensuring more seamless transfers for customers shipping to the US.

“I am confident that the transition to Pier 9C will afford our customers numerous benefits including quicker access to both highway and rail access, and will continue our long standing presence in Nova Scotia and great partnership with the Port of Halifax,” says Brian Kalman, general manager ports, terminal, & stevedoring, North Atlantic.

In addition, the new agreement will allow for more reliable berthing availability for our vessels to minimise delays, plus the 11 acres of dedicated storage space will ensure products waiting to be moved will be kept safe.

As this new berth is only for discharging rolling machines and breakbulk cargo, we will still call at the auto terminal to discharge vehicles for our automotive customers.

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