Mike Hynekamp takes over from Ray Fitzgerald as WW Solutions’ COO

After 19 years as WW Solutions’ chief operating officer, Ray Fitzgerald has announced his retirement. WW Ocean’s current chief operating officer Mike Hynekamp took over on 3 June.

Mike Hynekamp takes over from Ray Fitzgerald

With WW Solutions’ chief operating officer (COO) Ray Fitzgerald turning his attention to other life pursuits, Mike Hynekamp, WW Ocean’s COO, has been announced as his replacement.

Mike Hynekamp’s automotive industry background and the breadth of his experience across the inland and ocean business give him an excellent understanding of the vehicle supply chain.

CEO Craig Jasienski thanked Ray Fitzgerald for his hard work and ongoing commitment to the organisation.

“WW Solutions has in many ways been at the forefront of our digital transformation so far – and we have Ray to thank for that,” he said. “Ray and his team have built and launched our first proper digital product and the Syngin acquisition has started us on the path of full lifecycle logistics, as well as adding crucial e-commerce capabilities.”

Mike Hynekamp offers similarly strong experience in digital transformation and has played a crucial role in the development of WW Ocean’s One Operation Project around vessel digitalisation.

“With the scope of his competence across finance, operations and commercial, Mike is uniquely suited to lead WW Solutions in the exciting years to come,” said Craig Jasienski.

The WW Solutions COO role will remain in Parsippany, New Jersey and Mike will relocate in July. He will retain his responsibilities for WW Ocean for an interim period.

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