How a larger processing facility is helping JLR meet increasing US demand

Jaguar Land Rover’s move to a larger processing facility in Brunswick is paying dividends, helping it to boost vehicle processing volumes and drive future growth.

JLR Brunswick VPC 1

The renovated vehicle processing centre (VPC) in Brunswick, Georgia is allowing British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to conduct all processing work, pre-delivery inspections (PDIs), accessory installation, software upgrades and mechanical repairs in one area, streamlining operations and improving speed to market.

“To meet increasing market demand we needed to transition to a larger processing area and WW Solutions supported us in our expansion needs,” explains Jim Harrington, port operations and vehicle logistics manager at JLR.

To meet increasing market demand we needed to transition to a larger processing area.

Jim Harrington

Port operations & vehicle logistics manager, JLR.

Previously JLR was split across two separate processing facilities, but the move to a larger VPC offering services under one roof has helped the car manufacturer to boost vehicle processing volumes.

“Increasing the processing area by 35%, which also offers additional lifts and bays, has enabled us to increase the number of JLR vehicles in the PDI process,” says Matt Henderson, general manager, WW Solutions, Brunswick.

The 6,000 square foot warehouse that WW Solutions constructed alongside the JLR processing facility offers further benefits and is used for storage of JLR parts.

The move to the VPC by JLR allows WW Solutions to accommodate growth from other customers too.

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