A voyage of epic proportions: Mapping Tamesis’ round-the-world journey

As the latest shipment of LINIE Aquavit returns to Bremerhaven in Germany, we reflect on its four-month round-the-world journey onboard WW Ocean vessel Tamesis – and speak to the ship’s captain about the journey highlights.

Linie Aquavit Round the World Voyage

The saying goes that ‘all good things must come to an end’ – and this is certainly the case with LINIE Aquavit’s four-month voyage aboard WW Ocean vessel Tamesis.

Anyone doubting the provenance of the spirit’s unique taste are likely to need no further convincing: thanks to the Tamesis live stream, they’ve been on the journey themselves – at least virtually – since the vessel left Bremerhaven back in November 2018.

Linie Aquavit

After traversing 42,254 miles of ocean with 120 casks of LINIE Aquavit onboard, the vessel is due to arrive at the German port of Bremerhaven on 29 March, from where the containers of LINIE Aquavit will be shipped back to Oslo.

Tamesis captain Ashlyn Misquitta said: “It gives us great pride to be part of this fine and ancient tradition. The crisp salty air and the gentle heaving of the swell matures each batch of Aquavit into a fine one. Let’s hope this tradition carries on for many more years so the world can keep availing of that smooth, silky taste of LINIE Aquavit!”

LINIE Aquavit has been matured at sea since 1805 – the spirit’s smooth taste is developed through the changing temperatures, waves and humidity of the ocean. Today, the journey that LINIE Aquavit takes as it matures onboard Tamesis is one that reflects the scale of WW Ocean’s global operations – and represents a long-standing tradition for both brands.

“Our relationship is a testament to how well LINIE Aquavit and WW Ocean work together,” said Romain Jourdan, LINIE Aquavit Category Manager. “As expected, the six containers of LINIE Aquavit are due to arrive safely in Bremerhaven this week and we are looking forward to tasting the aquavit after the sea maturation. This batch of LINIE aquavit will then be bottled as a limited edition, to be available at the end of the year.”

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