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The impact of Covid-19 is affecting all of us around the globe. Together with our customers, we are working hard to keep operations going the best possible way. Whether at terminals and ports, home offices, ocean transportation, trucks and our processing centres, we are here to help support your supply chain challenges.

The health and safety impact of the Covid19 pandemic is not over and we continue to focus on our employees’ health and safety. We have built on the strong collaboration with our customers and business partners to develop an unparalleled offering of sailings and operations across our logistics networks. While we are hit with severe volatility as a result of pent-up demands, parts and labor shortages, we are keeping our customers at the center of our considerations as we plan for the next months.

Xavier Leroi

SVP Customer Growth

Safety First

To ensure safety for our employees we are taking every precaution to ensure safe working environments and social distancing through adjusting the work environment and processes following governmental guidance and best practices.

Please note the following advisories:

Updated 23 November 2021

As a result of stricter Covid-19 labour restrictions in Europe and volatility in the market currently, we are experiencing berth and terminal congestion at the ports in Europe haven that are affecting our shipping operations. This situation has great impact on our vessel schedules and gives ripple effects to the rest of our network in Europe, USA and Asia. We wish to inform you upfront that vessel delays must be expected.

In Asia, our cross-border trucking service from Thailand is currently suspended.

At our EPCs in Australia, we continue to uphold precautionary measures to ensure the safety of all on site. New measures have been implemented for all visitors, and this includes compulsory temperature testing, masks and a questionnaire.

We encourage you to stay in touch with our customer service departments and follow the schedule information on our web site regularly. We will continue to follow developments closely, working together for the best possible outcomes for our customers.

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