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Valuing our people’s wellbeing and diversity


Valuing our people’s wellbeing and diversity

We value the wellbeing of everyone we interact with, whether they be employees, suppliers, customers or local communities. Our employees are our greatest asset, and we recognise the strong link between employee satisfaction and creating value. Achieving this means providing a safe yet challenging environment for the 7,500 people we employ and doing our part in meeting two of the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs): Decent Work and Economic Growth, and Reduced Inequalities.


Our diverse workforce matches our business’ wide geographical reach, bringing with it a breadth of knowledge and experience.

As the industry faces an uncertain future, we believe this is an important asset, and we work hard to keep it this way.

Managing diversity
We’ll always hire the candidate best suited for the job.

However, we want our workforce to mirror our market, so we constantly assess workforce diversity using our human resources database.

If a hiring or promotion decision is challenged on the grounds of diversity, the aim is to put weight on a diverse workforce, provided all other objective criteria are similar.

Safe operations

Safety and compromise don’t belong together.

We believe in maintaining a safe environment for all people we work with, whether they be employees or suppliers, at land or at sea.

This ensures that our employees are happy and want to keep working for us, that our customers’ cargo is secure, and that our other stakeholders expectations are being met too.

Managing safety on sea and land
As far as we’re concerned, accidents and losses are preventable and both leaders and individuals in Wallenius Wilhelmsen have a responsibility to ensure every working area is safe.

Our Marine Operations Management team overlooks the safety of the fleet, while ship management companies directly oversee safety onboard. Ship managers make sure each vessel is up-to-date with the latest safety requirements and initiatives.

The company’s land operations are undertaken by both direct employees and outsourced labour. Safety is directly overseen by Wallenius Wilhelmsen in both cases and is under the responsibility of the President of WW Solutions. Daily safety management is taken care of by operational management.

Human and labour rights in ship recycling

When the vessels reach the end of their service lives Wallenius Wilhelmsen recycles them in a responsible and transparent manner.  The group is proud to be a founding member of the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative which empowers those who invest in or buy services from shipping companies to make informed decisions on vessel recycling.  With the SRTI they can demand transparency, helping them ensure they do business with companies that recycle responsibly, rather than those who continue with practices that have horrifying human and environmental consequences.  It is unthinkable that change won’t be driven with such knowledge.  It also sends a clear signal to tonnage providers on the new normal.

Managing ship recycling
When we sell vessels we apply binding conditions on when, where and to what standards they must be recycled. We only use craned berths and landing facilities which we pre-vet to ensure worker welfare and safety are front of mind, as well as to make certain materials are recycled and waste treated in an appropriate and traceable manner.

We have a representative on site to supervise the entire process, with the authority to stop work for safety, welfare or environmental reasons. This isn’t just important for workers, but to our investors and customers too.

At the end of the whole process, we make sure useful items – such as furniture and appliances – aren’t put to waste by offering them to the local community.

Training and development

A supported workforce is a fulfilled and effective workforce, so we think it’s important every employee is given plenty of opportunity to develop their career with us.

Mentoring and performance reviews allow all employees to progress – and their development also means we remain competitive in unpredictable markets.

Managing development
At the start of 2018, we launched a new review process which provides employees with frequent opportunities to discuss their performance and how they can take their careers to the next level.

Working and welfare

We believe there’s a link between the working conditions we provide and the quality of our work.

This applies to all employees, of course, but especially to vessel crew who literally live in their workplace. Safety on a vessel and the living standards of those aboard go hand in hand.

Managing crew working conditions
On our owned fleet, we don’t just comply with minimum working conditions but ensure we also offer comfortable working conditions and good insurance programmes.

Making sure insulation, heating and vibration are all within comfortable levels and providing quality working clothing and food are essential parts of this, as is supporting seafarers’ families.

We provide free internet connection and run social initiatives such as family days and spouse clubs so that employees can stay in touch with family and friends.