Why processing in Panama is perfect for equipment manufacturers

Our Equipment Processing Centre (EPC) in Manzanillo, Panama, is the ideal logistics hub for your Latin and South American markets.

EPC in Manzanillo

With easy shipping connections to key ports on WW Ocean and EUKOR trade networks, our Manzanillo EPC is perfectly located for customers delivering their machines to Central and South American markets.

Technical expertise and storage solutions

Our skilled team at the Manzanillo EPC have the space, experience and competencies to efficiently meet your processing needs.

Our extensive services include pre-delivery inspection, accessory fitting, repairs and rectifications, receipt and dispatch of machines and short- and long-term storage.

With 30,000m2 of outdoor storage capacity, and a large indoor storage area and workshop space, our EPC eliminates the need for customers to invest in their own facilities and resources.

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Epcmanzanillo 2

Our staff can perform paint touch-ups to get machines ready for delivery.

Epcmanzanillo 1

We can manage ageing programs by regularly inspecting internal and external components.

Epcmanzanillo 3

Our skilled staff are trained to work on a variety of different machines.

EPC in Manzanillo, Panama (9)

We can ensure your machines are preserved with regular fluid checks and replacements.

Epcmanzanillo 6

The equipment processing centre is located just a few metres from the Port of Manzanillo.

To maintain the quality of all equipment stored at our EPC, we apply a high-performance coating to ensure long-term protection of all metal parts. Customers can choose from three different types of coating, depending on their needs and the equipment specification.

We also carry out monthly maintenance according to the needs and requests of individual customer needs and exercise the equipment to ensure it remains fit for end user delivery. “For excavators, we rotate the equipment 360 degrees and mobilise its arms, buckets and blades to check the entire hydraulic system works correctly,” says site manager Roberto Jaen.

Strategic location means greater connectivity and time and cost savings

“Panama has unparalleled shipping connectivity for the entire American continent, from North to South America, including the Caribbean islands,” says Jaen, adding that the EPC’s location close to Manzanillo terminal allows products to be received and delivered without the need to load them on a truck or low bed for transportation to an off-port location, resulting in reduced dwell times and cost savings for customers. “Due to our geographical location, we can receive cargo from, and ship it to, the entire world – the US, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia, among others,” he adds.

The fact that the EPC is situated in the Colón Free Trade Zone (FTZ) means that customers can hold finished inventory and parts closer to important markets without the intervention of the customs authorities, in turn reducing order-to-delivery time, minimising opportunity loss and reducing overall costs.

In addition, by using an FTZ, companies may also delay paying import duties or avoid them altogether. “Our customers benefit from not paying any taxes or import and export duties when cargo is only in transit,” says Jaen.

An added benefit is that our EPC has its own customs office, which speeds up entry processes into and shipping operations out of our facility.

Manzanillo EPC

  • Opened in 2011
  • 30,000 m2 outdoor storage capacity with expansion capabilities
  • Total footprint of facility currently at 35,000 m2
  • Expandable to 80,000 m2
  • 1,200 m2 indoor storage capacity
  • 1,800 m2 workshop
  • Located in an FTZ zone

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