Why processing in Panama is perfect for equipment manufacturers

WW Solutions’ Equipment Processing Centre (EPC) in Manzanillo, Panama, is the ideal logistics hub for your Latin America markets.

Epcmanzanillo 6

With easy shipping connections to key ports on WW Ocean and EUKOR trade network, the Manzanillo EPC is perfectly located for customers shipping rolling equipment to Central and South American markets.

Epcmanzanillo 2

Painting of the wheel loader unit.

Epcmanzanillo 1

Spare parts, storage and inventory are kept under roof.

Epcmanzanillo 3

Parts assembly on units before loading.

Epcmanzanillo 4

Quality checks on every piece of equipment bound for specific destinations.

Epcmanzanillo 5

The Equipment Processing Centre is located just a few metres from the Port of Manzanillo.

Economic advantages of Panama

Because of direct access to the Colón Free Trade Zone (FTZ), customers can hold finished inventory and parts closer to important markets, reducing order-to-delivery time, minimizing opportunity loss and reducing overall costs.

An FTZ is an economic zone in a country where goods may be landed, handled, manufactured or reconfigured, and reexported without the intervention of the customs authorities. By using an FTZ, companies may also delay paying import duties or avoid them altogether.

Technical expertise at scale

The hub capability of Manzanillo EPC is further enhanced by WW Solutions’ skilled team of experts, who have the space, experience and competencies to meet the specialised needs of rolling equipment manufacturers.

Core services include pre-delivery inspection, accessory fitting, repairs and rectifications, short- and long-term storage, and the receipt and dispatch of machines.

The EPC is located at the Manzanillo terminal itself, removing the cost and time to move cargo to an off-site processing centre.

Customers can also take advantage of the scalability offered by WW Solutions, eliminating the need for their own investment in facilities. The site offers 15,000m2 of outdoor storage capacity with expansion possibilities, and large indoor storage and workshop space.

Fast facts

Manzanillo EPC

  • Opened in 2011
  • 15,000m2 outdoor storage capacity with expansion capabilities
  • Currently at 35,000 m2
  • Expandable to 80,000 m2
  • 1,200m2 indoor storage capacity
  • 1,800m2 workshop

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