Vessel technology in action: the next phase in digitalising our fleet

Vessel technology is helping us improve efficiency, reduce emissions and deliver sustainable shipping services to our customers. As our fleet-wide digital transformation programme enters the next phase, find out how we embed data-driven decision making into our daily operations.

WW fleet digitalisation

One Operation, our digital transformation programme to build a fleet-wide solution to capture and analyse data from our vessels, has now entered operational phase – a significant milestone in our digital journey.

“We’re now moving from focusing on vessel technology development and installations to implementing a solution that will become an integral part of how we work,” explains Håvard Abusdal, senior manager, shipping digitalisation, Wallenius Wilhelmsen.

As part of this transition to bring reliable data to the forefront of our daily operations, Wallenius Wilhelmsen recently signed a new agreement with technology partner Raa Labs, who we have worked closely with since 2018. Having previously successfully collaborated on developing and scaling vessel technology across our fleet, the new agreement will focus on how we use this technology to innovate and ensure efficient operations.

Raa Labs will continue to deliver and manage our fundamental onboard digital infrastructure, which can capture data from retrofitted sensors, input from the crew or onboard components such as engine systems, all of which helps us to identify areas for improvement. The RaaEdge solution used gives our vessels digital capabilities and allows us to pursue many different initiatives that support the goals of our digital journey.

“Data enables us to continually transform the way we work and having a scalable and flexible infrastructure in place makes it easier to test new use cases onboard our vessels, such as optimising engine performance, implementing decision support for crew, and automating reporting,” says Abusdal. This means we can provide better transparency for customers and lower both our environmental footprint and the environmental impact of their supply chains. By digitalising our fleet using vessel technology, early indications suggest we are on target to reduce emissions by 10-15%.

“Wallenius Wilhelmsen is an industry leader and its forward leaning mindset and approach to leveraging data in its operations drives the maritime industry to new heights – benefitting the environment, customers and other stakeholders,” says Ari Marjamaa, CEO of Raa Labs. “We’re eagerly looking forward to continuing our journey of developing innovative solutions together.”

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