Shipping to Oceania? Factors to consider when choosing a carrier

Australia and New Zealand are key markets for many manufacturers and shippers across the world. But what should you be looking for when choosing a carrier for your shipments to Oceania?

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1. A reliable and frequent service to meet market demand

In today’s highly competitive environment, on time delivery of your product is crucial to capturing valuable market share. Being first to market means lower inventory costs, less constraints on your supply chain and satisfied end customers.

Whatever your route requirements, choosing an ocean carrier with a large fleet with the capabilities to transport products swiftly, safely and securely, will speed up time to market. Our versatile mix of RoRo vessels are designed to carry all types of products with weights of up to 420 tonnes and heights of up to 6.2 metres. We offer a highly reliable schedule and a track record of on-time delivery for shipments from Europe and North America to Oceania with:

  • 6 sailings a month from Europe to Australia – 3 via Panama Canal and 3 via Cape
  • 3 sailings a month from North and South America to Australia and New Zealand
  • 3 sailings a month from Europe to New Zealand via Panama Canal

2. Value-added services to optimise your supply chain

Today’s supply chain is about much more than just the ocean voyage. Optimising your supply chain from factory to final destination can increase velocity.

From our own terminals in Europe and US, to our processing centres on both the export and import side, a 600-truck network in North America and inland distribution capabilities to dealers in Australia, we provide reliable end-to-end supply chain solutions.

Our visibility tools can track shipments from the factory to the dealer in Australia, where we have outstanding local logistics expertise and customer support on the ground. Working together, we can use our innovations and insights to optimise your outbound supply chain.

We’re also committed to making sure brown marmorated stink bugs (BMSBs) are not shipped to Australia and New Zealand on our vessels by working closely with customers to ensure products have been treated in accordance with regulations prior to shipping.

3. Safety and quality standards ensure products arrive damage free

While a frequent service and a well-equipped fleet are essential for a streamlined supply chain, the way in which your products are handled at port and onboard is also critical. We have an outstanding quality team with a proven track record of delivering 98% of shipments free of damage, so you can rest assured that your products will arrive in Oceania in the best possible condition.

No product is overlooked. We have our own operations staff at key ports who supervise loading and discharging activities while close collaboration between vessel planners and port and cargo operations teams ensures optimal stowage quality for products.

4. A commitment to sustainability

With growing pressure to reduce emissions, choosing a carrier that prioritises the environment and sustainability can be an important part of ensuring a sustainable supply chain.

From alternative fuels and digitalising our fleet to taking part in initiatives such as Getting to Zero, sustainability is becoming an integral part of our operations and we are committed to doing our part to accelerate the decarbonisation of the shipping industry.

Why choose WW Ocean to ship your breakbulk?

  • The most comprehensive experience in handling breakbulk products on RoRo vessels.
  • Continuous innovation in handling equipment to ensure quality, speed and reduced cost of transfer at port.
  • Vessels purposely designed to ship breakbulk cargo.

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