RoRo supports CSA do Brasil to deliver liquid products in isotanks worldwide

With rising prices and reduced availability in the container industry, CSA do Brasil needed to find a reliable alternative to deliver isotanks globally - and RoRo proved to be the best solution.

CSA isotank

With disruption in the container shipping industry, forwarding agent CSA do Brasil required a partner with the expertise to transport isotanks filled with oil products to markets around the world.

The lack of space on container ships, limited availability of equipment and high freight rates, has had a major impact on global end-to-end export and import chains. Buyers and sellers are suffering as businesses try to absorb the extra costs or pass them on down the supply chain to the consumer. For some companies this has led to a drastic reduction in exports or stopping them altogether.

CSA was searching for a guaranteed logistical option they could give to exporters, so they would not have to stop productivity due to shipping difficulties. The company, which works with a range of organisations to transports oils, including glycerin and vegetable oils used for cooking, in animal feeds and in perfumes, needed a cost-effective and safe alternative. Partnering with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean helped alleviate the pressures CSA was facing.

The specific problem was of transporting a product that had been stuck at a producer's factory for some months because there was no available space on container vessels. Our RoRo vessels provided the logistical solution to its supply chain demands, developing into a long-term project that has kept CSA's shipments from stalling.

"Exporting isotanks on RoRo ships would have been almost unimaginable a year ago,” says Fernanda Moura, commercial coordinator at CSA. “However, nowadays it is one of the best options to guarantee the shipments of liquid cargo to certain regions of the world, both in terms of preventing the exporter from stopping exporting the product, and in terms of reducing logistical costs."

Roll trailers offer unique handling solution for safe shipment of liquid cargo

Not having used RoRo to ship isotanks previously, Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean worked closely with CSA and its client to demonstrate its unique handling solutions. Using roll trailers to roll the tanks on and off the vessel proved to be not only safe, but efficient too as two isotanks could be safely loaded onto each roll trailer and firmly secured so they would not move during the voyage.

CSA isotanks on board

"We didn't know it was possible to ship isotanks on RoRo ships. Bringing this project together with Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean has been essential in achieving our mission as a logistics company, which is to always find the best alternative to guarantee the shipment of our customers' products,” adds Moura.

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