RoRo in action: Mining equipment sets sail for Australian coal mine

From the heady Gold Rush right through to the present day, Australia’s economy has always relied heavily on the mining industry. When a German manufacturer needed to ship a cutting-edge filtration system from Poland to Brisbane, it turned to WW Ocean for help.

Breakbulk mining equipment

From the 19th century Gold Rush to a recent boom in petroleum, uranium and aluminium, Australia’s rich bounty of metals and minerals means it’s unsurprising that the mining industry there continues to thrive. According to experts, the outlook in the Oceanic continent looks bright – with continuing investment playing a big part in the country’s economic success.

That said, continued sector growth requires the necessary equipment to support it, and innovative mining technology regularly needs to make the journey from European factories to Australian mines. As a shipping and logistics company, WW Ocean has an important role to play in making sure this equipment reaches its destination on time and in tip-top condition.

Mining equipment takes a round-the-world trip

One particular German process technology and filtration equipment specialist is one of many companies relying on WW Ocean’s shipping services to Australia. This company produces equipment for a number of sectors: from mining and chemicals to pharmaceuticals, food and automotive.

When the German company needed to transport a cutting-edge new filtration system from Poland to Brisbane, WW Ocean was quickly enlisted to help. The filter system was destined for a coal mine, where it will help the mining company produce an even better quality product.

One of the principal challenges for the company was transporting this unusually heavy, outsize filtration system from the Polish factory in Opole by barge to the port of Bremerhaven, Germany, where WW Ocean could take over. The unit was placed onto a 40’ roll trailer for easy loading onto vessel Tulane. WW Ocean was chosen partly because it provides direct services from Germany to Australia, but also because it has vessels in its fleet with the right weight capacity and ramp height.

Andreas Raths, Sales Support Officer at WW Ocean in Germany, says: “It was great to be able to help a customer transport an innovative piece of equipment such as this. One of the main challenges for the customer was pre-carriage of the filtration systems in Opole, Poland. It was business as usual once we got hold of it.”

Having been successfully delivered to Brisbane, the cutting-edge filtration system will now assist the Australian mining operator in running its operations efficiently and effectively. And this is one of the reasons why the industry continues to thrive – more than 150 years after the famous Australian Gold Rush.

Fast facts

The mining filtration system in numbers

  • Length: 13.85 metres
  • Width: 5 metres
  • Height: 6.11 metres
  • Weight: 110.5 kg

Introducing LCTC vessel Tulane

  • Capacity to carry cargo equivalent to 7,880 cars
  • Built by Hyundai Heavy Industries
  • Delivered to WW Ocean in 2013

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