Inside Lean:Green Works: Cutting power consumption in offices

Sustainability isn’t just about cleaning up beaches and cutting emissions from vessels. We also know we can shrink our CO2 footprint by better managing the energy we use at our offices around the world.

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Our 2019 Sustainability Report shows that our electricity consumption from land-based services is going down – it was 7% lower last year. We know this because we already track emissions for all land-based activities, collecting electricity consumption data, converting it to CO2 and displaying the information on dashboards for regular management review.

The Panama Challenge, named in honour of the office team in Panama who cut electricity consumption 30% in just five months, aims to reduce power consumption and emissions from our office operations. Five Wallenius Wilhelmsen pilot sites will be used to explore different solutions that could be scaled up for all offices.

From Panama to across the planet

As part of the challenge, we’re identifying the best strategies for improving energy usage via the pilot schemes. We will then apply lessons learnt at offices around the globe.

Encouraging reductions of energy consumption across the business enhances the sustainability of our customers’ supply chain and helps fight climate change. In the future, solar panels may power all Wallenius Wilhelmsen offices and facilities globally and vessels run on renewable energy.

Until then, simple actions like employees turning off computers before they go home can have a real impact on the environment. We’re also looking at ways of using renewable energy from grids.

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