How we can support your automotive supply chain in Thailand

With approximately two million cars produced in Thailand each year, half of which are exported to the wider Southeast Asian region, the country is a strategic assembly and manufacturing hub for automotive OEMs. Here’s how our shipping and logistics services can improve your finished vehicle supply chain.

Thailand logistics services

1. Integrated land and ocean services offer visibility and flexible supply chain support

On average, one million cars are sold in Thailand each year, with a similar amount exported to the surrounding Southeast Asia region. For automotive OEMs using Thailand as a production and export base, having one logistics service provider (LSP) can not only offer operational and cost efficiencies but greater visibility.

“Our integrated services mean we can support customers manufacturing in Thailand and oversee the movement of their units from factory to dealer or port, where we hand over to our ocean network,” says Sirapon Amornsakaya, vice president of WW Solutions in Thailand and Myanmar and head of our joint venture MCW Logistics Solutions.

“Having one supplier is beneficial because it provides visibility across the whole outbound supply chain,” he adds. “By using technology such as our online scanning and reporting system, we can consolidate information from every stage of the supply chain and provide updates to our customers in real-time.”

A connected network also means greater flexibility for OEMs looking to expand their reach to other key markets. Our large fleet of car carrier trailers distributes around 120,000 cars each year, domestically, cross-border to Laos and Cambodia or to Laem Chabang port for overseas exports. Here, regular ocean services include three sailings per month from Asia to Europe, four sailings a month from Asia to North America and two to three sailings a month from Asia to both Central and South America.

In addition, we offer monthly intra-Asia sailings from Laem Chabang, calling at Singapore; Kelang, Malaysia; Jakarta, Indonesia; Yokohama, Japan; Tianjin, China; Masan, South Korea; and Shanghai, China, giving customers even greater access to other Southeast Asian markets.

Operations in Thailand

Our partnership with MCLOGI helps us to deliver a full range of outbound vehicle logistics services

Processing services Thailand

Our processing services ensure vehicles are in dealer-ready condition

Auto processing services Thailand

Our skilled team carry out thorough inspections of all vehicles

Inland distribution in Thailand

Our extensive inland distribution network helps speed up time to market

Thailand logistics services for auto OE Ms

Efficient operations ensure high-quality standards for OEMs

2. Extensive inland network for improved supply chain velocity

Formed in April 2020, our joint venture with MCLOGI, gives automotive manufacturers in Thailand access to an even stronger inland distribution network, therefore helping to speed up time to market. “By pooling our combined expertise and capacity, we can meet our customers’ needs and deliver a full range of outbound vehicle logistics services as efficiently as possible,” says Amornsakaya.

A 65-strong fleet of car carrier trailers and 101 drivers offer nationwide and cross-border transportation to Laos and Cambodia, meaning we can deliver vehicles swiftly and seamlessly from factory to dealer.

To speed up supply chain velocity further, we carefully plan all distribution routes and loads to optimise trailer capacity and ensure that vehicles arrive at their end destination on time. By keeping up to speed with the operating environment, our drivers can deliver cars from the Northern to the Southern provinces of Thailand in less than 24 hours, for example, therefore eradicating delays and the need for temporary storage at a depot.

3. Yard management and processing services ensure dealer-ready vehicles

Maintaining the high-quality levels expected by dealers and customers is crucial at every stage of the outbound supply chain. That’s why as soon as vehicles leave the manufacturing site to arrive at our facilities, we perform a thorough handover inspection and scan and record each vehicle in our yard management system. “If any defect is found, the inspector will record details using a mobile tablet and a report will be automatically generated and sent to the customer,” explains Amornsakaya.

To keep vehicles in prime condition, our experienced team can perform a variety of processing services, from periodic maintenance such as engine, fuel level and tire checks, to washing. Our yard management and processing services are also well-equipped to cater for the growing electric vehicle market in Thailand, with additional checks including battery inspections, charging and replacement as required.

Other value-added services include manual and matt insertion, wrap guard installation, sticker and logo installation, minor paint repairs and polishing, and replacing engine oil and oil filters.

“We’re striving to deliver automotive services that prioritise quality and safety for our customers,” says Amornsakaya. “As the market in Thailand and Southeast Asia continues to grow, we’re poised to meet demand and deliver high-quality supply chain solutions.”

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