Heaviest ever Japanese shipment for global OEM

Cargo-handling expertise and reliable delivery schedules gave Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean the edge when it came to shipping a 275-tonne rotor from the port of Yokohama to Zeebrugge in Belgium…

Japanese rotor 1

As night fell at the Japanese port of Yokohama – and around the world, many enjoyed a quiet Sunday – WW Ocean’s team were busy working on a record-breaking Japanese loading.

Under several bright floodlights and with the help of stevedores, jack-up trailer operators and WW Ocean cargo superintendents, a 275-tonne rotor, which will be used as part of a turbine in a power station, was successfully loaded onto the Mark V RoRo vessel Parsifal.

Japanese rotor 2

The 275-tonne rotor was loaded onto Parsifal under bright floodlights.

Japanese rotor 3

The rotor will be used as part of a turbine in a power station.

Japanese rotor 4

The breakbulk project team carried out extensive planning prior to loading.

Japanese rotor 7

The blocks and beams method was used to load the rotor onto the vessel.

Japanese rotor 5

Once it reaches its final destination, the generator will be used for a period of 30 years

Japanese rotor 8

The saying of the day was: 'Loaded with pride in Japan'.

With the blocks and beams method used to load the rotor onto the vessel, detailed calculation by the WW Ocean Breakbulk project team was required to determine how to safely secure a round rotor with no natural lashing points.

Having been successfully loaded, the rotor is now on its way to a power plant in Europe, with the first leg of its journey – to the port of Zeebrugge in Belgium – expected to take 40 days. It will then travel on barge to its final destination where it will be used in a generator for a period of 30 years.

“Over the years, our commercial and operational team in Japan has built up a good knowledge, together with the stevedores in Yokohama,” said Per Wallmark, Breakbulk Project Manager, Asia at Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean. “After extensive pre-planning by the breakbulk project team, everything went like clockwork. Our saying of the day was: ‘Loaded with pride in Japan’.”

And the end result in Yokohama? A happy customer and an on-schedule shipment. WW Ocean expects to see many similar cargo requests in the future, particularly with power generation equipment in European and US power plants reaching the end of the product lifecycle. And the team at WW Ocean will be delighted to assist.

Fast facts

A record-breaking loading

  • The rotor was loaded using a 12-axle jack-up trailer and stowed on blocks and beams onboard the vessel
  • Parsifal has a ramp capacity of 505 metric tonnes
  • Around 20 people from the port of Yokohama were involved in the loading.

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