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Understanding where and when we can support your shipping needs has never been easier.

Parsifal in Santander

Our global liner service, serving 13 trade routes, calls at ports all over the world, offering regular sailings to your key markets. Use our online schedules to plan your shipments and find information on all our forthcoming sailings.

You have the option to search by port, voyage number or route, or by clicking on a specific port location on the world map.

Simply select one of the three different search options to view a list of all upcoming schedules.

Schedules by port

If you select ‘by ports’, you add in a port or country of departure and a port or country of arrival (or simply click on a port location on the world map), as well as a departure and arrival date to find a schedule that meets your requirements.

Schedules by voyage

Alternatively, you can search ‘by voyage’ and enter a voyage number to find a specific vessel’s schedule, or ‘by route’ to see the different routes we offer and get the upcoming schedules for each trade route.

Schedules by route

To find out more about a specific port, click the green circle on the map and an information box will appear.

Schedules specific port

By providing a global overview of our network and shipping schedules, you can easily see where and when we can serve your ocean transportation needs.

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