Discover how we transform machinery from semi-knocked down (SKD) to fully assembled

Our equipment processing centres have the expert technical skills and facilities to ensure the final assembly and delivery of your machinery runs as smoothly as possible, helping you reduce lead times and capture valuable market share.

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Do you want to avoid long lead times by keeping necessary inventory close to your key markets? Our skilled teams have the expertise to build up your construction, agricultural and mining products from a variety of knocked-down configurations to fully assembled machines at our Equipment Processing Centres (EPCs). Get a glimpse of our final assembly services in action:

Full assembly and partial assembly

Assembly services in Savannah

Our EPC staff can assemble (and dismantle) your machine, whether it arrives semi-knocked down or completely knocked down. We can install parts such as tyres and wheels, and attachments including booms, arms, couplers, thumbs, and buckets, suspension kits and auto-lube systems so that machines are ready for your dealers and end users.

Software updates and sensor installation

As well as performing important software updates, our technicians can install various programmes such as Dig Assistance. Installing this application involves uploading software and outfitting units with the necessary hardware followed by calibrating the excavators programme to assist the operator in digging and trenching to established parameters, for example. Dig assistance sensors on the arms and inside cabs enable excavators to be programmed to dig to a certain level, for example.

Our team installs dig assist hardware and software followed by detailed calibration of the unit, which is high-level technical work

Tommy Sidener

regional general manager, Savannah

Time efficient customisation

Our installation services can deliver finished-to-order products to meet the demands of your different markets and customers, whether you need us to do an auto-lube loop installation, to add a third function valve function, or perform complex customisations, such as heightening cab compartments, widening track-gauge and increasing the reach and capacity of excavator booms and arms.

Heavy technical services in Savannah

“All items from the wiring, the hydraulic lines and the air conditioning line are lengthened then reassembled. Having a longer reach also requires a more stable platform, so we widen the track-gauge and increase counterweight per the engineer’s blueprints,” adds Sidener.

Did you know?

One of the biggest benefits of using an EPC for customisation and builds is the reduction in lead times. We are able to build and ship units within 10 working days of receiving an order, something that would take significantly longer for an OEM to do on the factory floor.

“Our EPCs offer an extension of an OEM’s factory,” says Adam Weaver, general manager, northeast equipment processing centres. “The factory doesn’t necessarily want this level of customisation on a standard assembly line. Many times, there is great benefit to reducing complexity and differentiation when line building a product. They want cookie cutter products going down the line; they want to drive efficiencies. By outsourcing customisation to an EPC, they get that efficiency gain as well as a simplified supply chain.”

Parts storage

Our EPCs can store your essential parts and components onsite meaning that machines can be completed quickly to the exact specifications required when orders come in, enabling OEMs to respond quickly to market demand.

Storage area in Savannah

Certified welding

Our welding facilities help bring customisations to life, enabling our teams to adapt machines, such as turning an excavator into a material handler. We also regularly can also install a thumb attachments onto excavators a digger for example.

Integrated logistics services

Optimise your supply chain further by taking advantage of our integrated ocean transportation, inland transportation and equipment processing services. “Having one logistics provider across the supply chain brings visibility and peace of mind,” comments Weaver. “The connectivity we offer gives customers a direct line of sight, helping them to respond quicker, reduce lead times and manage their operations more efficiently.”

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