3 ways our mobility services can support your automotive supply chain

From campaign management to damage remediation and general labour support, our mobile workforce of skilled experts and ASE-certified mechanics can support your processing needs at your locations in the US.

Processing Toyota vehicles at Guanajuato Plant

With more than 50 vehicle processing centres in strategic locations across North America, our facilities and services help automotive OEMs meet their strategic market needs, allowing them to finish, customise and repair vehicles close to their key markets.

But sometimes customers require additional support outside of their core plant and port processing operations, which is where our mobility services add value.

1. Rapid deployment to your desired locations

Staff shortages can have an impact on lead times and costs, but by offering regional labour support through our expansive network of processing locations, we can provide the rapid deployment you need to complete urgent projects and meet deadlines.

Our qualified technicians and ASE-certified mechanics are experienced in all aspects of technical assembly, meaning you don’t have to pull resources from your core production and processing activities.

Processing Toyota vehicles at Guanajuato Plant (30)

Our team of mobile service technicians are skilled in all aspects of technical assembly to ensure high-quality standards

“Mobility services customers can expect the same level of quality, attention to detail and expertise as they receive from our in-plant or port processing teams, with the added benefit that we can travel to wherever they need assistance,” explains Charles Elliott, manager for business services in North America.

As well as dedicated teams from our sites ready to carry out these services, we also have a network of trusted partners that we can call on, meaning we have the capability to scale to meet customer demand as required.

“In addition to sending production workers, for bigger projects our managers will also be present to oversee the work and ensure that quality standards are being met,” adds Elliott. “This means customers don’t just benefit from the skills and capabilities of our individual staff, but our entire in-house expertise.”

2. Seamless campaign management and damage repairs

From safety issues and recalls to reflashing and torque checks, our mobile teams can efficiently work to resolve any issues that may arise with your vehicles and ensure they’re in market-ready condition.

Mazda processing in LA

Our mobile services bring our expertise and technical capabilities straight to the customers

“Whether customers need help torquing bolts on a handful of cars or across thousands of units at multiple different sites, our mobile teams are on hand to resolve any problems,” says Elliott, adding that our wide-reaching footprint means we can respond quickly to any given situation. “With the right people in the right locations, we’re equipped to complete these additional tasks without delay,” he confirms.

Damage repairs are another crucial task our teams can oversee, including over sprays and paintless dent repairs, as required.

3. Fully managed solutions to offer peace of mind

By offering fully managed solutions, with one point of contact, mobile services customers are offered transparency across the entire process, resulting in enhanced communication, ease and peace of mind.

“We’ll manage the process from start to finish,” says Elliott. “This means, as a customer, if an issue occurs, we can handle everything and provide daily updates to keep them in the loop.

“Mobile services are a natural extension of our existing processing and technical capabilities,” he continues. “Processing over 5.5 million vehicles annually in the US for more than 30 OEMs, we have the experience to meet customers’ needs and ensure any work is carried out to the highest standards. Now, we’re bringing this expertise to our customers, wherever they need it.”

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