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Audit and Control

Corporate Governance

Audit and Control

The company's auditor PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) attends board meetings as required and is always present when the annual accounts are approved.

To ensure the board has solid understanding of the accounts and any changes in the accounting principles, the auditor discuss changes in IFRS relevant for the group's accounting principles or other law requirements relevant for the company with the board. The auditor also runs through the main features of the audits carried out. It is of importance to the board that the auditor is independent of management. The board therefore has at least one meeting with PwC without senior management being present. If used for other services than accounting, the parties will follow guidelines as described in the Auditing and Auditors' Act. The auditor provides the board with a confirmation of independence in relation to non-audit services provided.

The auditor's fee, broken down by audit work, audited related services, tax services and other consultancy services, is specified in note 4 to the WW ASA accounts and note 2 to the parent company accounts. For the financial year 2016, Fredrik Melle has been the company's main auditor at PWC.

Address: Dronning Eufemiasgate 8 NO- 106 Oslo, Norway